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Your wedding day is bound to be one of, if not ‘the’ most important day in your life.  Recording that day and all the memories from it will naturally be one of your biggest desires and concerns in planning your wedding.  You need to know you can trust your photographer and be at ease with their work.  For me, the most beautiful and emotive images are the natural, unstaged shots which encapsulate the raw passion of the day.  Yes, a certain number of set-up shots are a good idea and I aim to attain the more formal photographs with as little intrusion as possible.  Photos of the couple, their immediate family, best men and bridesmaids, signing of the register, cutting of the cake and the first dance are, as Im sure you’d agree, an essential component of the day.  However, for me, there is so much more to wedding photography; it’s a passion, a feeling, an extension of artistic impression…

Once the ceremony and group shots are compete, I try to be as unobtrusive as possible, building up a collection of memorable reportage-style images.  I shoot everything from your immediate wedding-party preparing behind the scenes to the location and surrounding area; the smaller details which so often go unnoticed.  There are so many aspects of the wedding which you, the bride and the groom, will not have the chance to see – old friends reunited at the reception, family members embracing, the sunset behind the church, the children playing in the hazy ‘golden hour’ light.  My job, as I see it, is to document your day in as natural-a-way as possible, without intruding or interrupting.

The coverage I offer is all day, and I provide you with a minimum of 400 individually digitally edited and enhanced images (though depending on the size of the wedding this is often far higher).  I aim to produce a set of images which capture every aspect of the wedding, starting with the bridal/bridesmaids preparation, through the service, reception, the speeches and into the evening celebrations.  This usually amounts to 10 hours, but every wedding is different and I am totally flexible depending on your needs, and indeed your budget.
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