About Me

Despite studying tropical zoology through to PhD, photography has always been my real passion.  Much to the annoyance of my professors, I used to return to University from field trips deep in the Amazon with far more photographs than lab samples, and so in 2009 I built this website, and 200 weddings later, I haven’t put my cameras down since.

I am under no illusions that choosing the right person to photograph your wedding is a huge deal, and a potentially stressful process.   It’s bound to be one of the most important days of your life and placing so much trust in one person… well, you have to be adamant that you’ve found the perfect photographer…

So what do you want in your wedding photos… what have you dreamed they’d look like?  Of equal importance, ‘how’ do you want them to actually be taken?  I wouldn’t begin to second guess you but let me if you will, explain what I believe and how I work, and if you think you like the sound of it then drop me a line and we’ll have a chat about the finer details of your wedding and whether I’m the right guy for you.

I believe your photos should be epic.   They should push the artistic boundaries – not conform to the ‘wedding norm’…  Each and every photo should be charged with energy and emotion, smiles and tears, colour and light.  I photograph weddings in just the same was as I photograph editorial fashion shoots in New York and travel assignments in Africa – at the end of the day, what is a wedding if it’s not a mix of fashion, landscape, portraiture and life?  I believe every photo should be flooded with natural light – this is the single most crucial ingredient in creating spectacular images, and the driving force behind every creative decision I make when shooting your wedding.  Your photos should stand out form the crowd and have a wow-factor, a very rare wow-factor.

I believe, almost without exception, that the most beautiful and the most dramatic photographs, which in time will become the most important to you, are those captured without anyone even knowing they’re being taken.  To photograph an entire wedding in a candid way, producing documentary style images is not, in my opinion, something you can teach, or indeed learn.  These type of photos come from who you are, your personality…  To capture real passion and raw emotion as it naturally unfolds, going unnoticed and without intrusion; that’s when you are able to get the really good stuff… the photos that will have you rolling around on the floor laughing as you see for the first time your bridesmaids giggling in the pews behind you, or bring a tear to your eye, as you see photos of the heartfelt glances of your parents to one another as you walk down the isle.  These are the moments that matter… your mum watching on as you take your first dance, the flower girls playing with dandelions behind the marquee in the late afternoon sun… these are the priceless photos that you simply cannot run the risk of being without…  These are the photos that I take, and I take them in a way that lets your wedding run more smoothly than you could ever have imagined.

People say to me ‘Ben… come on… aren’t you bored of shooting weddings yet?’  The answer  is no – I am even more excited now than I was 5 years ago.  The buzz is bigger and stronger than ever before and the energy and love that I will put into taking your wedding photos is exactly the same as I would expect from someone taking my own wedding photos.  Please take a moment to read some recent testimonials and have a look at my blog to see a few weddings from start to finish.  Thank you.


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